We know that your promotions photos are more than a snap that you must have. Your promotional social media headshot is your window to opportunity and success.

Get the best from your LinkedIn and Social Media Promotional Headshots.

In this, AS Headshots blog, you will find articles that give more than an overview of the different aspects of the downloadable TIPS TO HELP YOU GET A GREAT HEADSHOT that you can download by CLICKING THE LINK. can be found as a PDF plus others articles you might find interesting.

Personality is the key to your Profile Picture

A photograph in your profile acts as your brand. It’s about portraying a look of warmth, trustworthiness and a show of confidence. Allowing you to make a genuine connection with the viewer.

Look like your Headshot

This is not a time to be a beauty queen, a rock god, or your favorite Marvel character. What you need is to give business associates and clients an accurate version of you! It’s important to look like you in your headshot.

Tips for Taking a Professional LinkedIn Profile Photo

Don’t just take my word for it, when I talk about professional headshots for LinkedIn. Here is a great article by Lydia Abbot – Content Marketer | Editor | Storyteller

Breathing Exercises to help Anxiety and Stress

There is nothing worse than worrying about having your pictures taken. I always say the worst thing that can happen is you get rubbish pictures… But, Nobody died so there is nothing that cannot be resolved. I found this article called 8 Deep Breathing Exercises for Anxiety that might help you.

The Importance of Using Engaging Headshots

In todays fiercely competitive environment, everyone needs to invest in good photography. Achieving favourable first impressions goes miles toward expanding your audience and customer relations.

Actors Headshots and Horror Stories

Here is a great article by my good friend Nick Gregan (one of the best headshot photographers in London) on how your headshots can become a nightmare if you do not connect on all levels.

What Should I Wear for My Headshots?
What you decide on wearing for your headshots establishes your professional identity.I have put together a few tips to help you answer the question, What should I wear for my headshot?
How to Wear a Suit Properly

Hear is an interesting article I found courtesy of William Prector at  It gives some great tips and tricks on how to add that style to your look and helps you understand how to wear a suit and look sharp.

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