Corporate Sessions

How do you stand out in a crowded marketplace?

A corporate session is aimed at taking your brand seriously. This is the key to leading your brand forward. So that when communicating with clients and the public you have a good base. And it makes sense the quality of leadership is reflected in compelling executive portraits. All of which are available on your intranet and website. From classic to casual, it’s what your business is about.

Corporate Sessions Headshot
Corporate Sessions Headshot
Corporate Headshot Sessions
Corporate Sessions Headshot
The Importance of Using Engaging Headshots on Your Website

Options for Corporate Session headshots

The base price is 600 euros for the day for 20 people. If you need to shoot more people, please add 25 euros per person.

We are looking to capture confidence and approachability. There are many ways I can guarantee your team will look natural, relaxed and engaging. What makes me different is the way I like to engage with clients. This comes from many years of experience as a photographer and performer. Therefore, giving you and your team confidence in front of the camera.

Corporate Sessions include:

  • Consultation: So that I understand your company and what you are hoping to achieve with your new headshots.
  • Preparation guides: This will ensure your team knows what to expect and what they should bring.
  • Shoot schedule: We can plan a timetable so that everyone knows when they should be there.
  • The shoot: All it takes is a little coaching, direction and engagement to help them relax.
  • Fast and efficient administration: An online gallery will provide a shortlist of images for you.
  • Fully edited & licensed images: You will be supplied with all digital files in different resolutions and crops for LinkedIn etc.
  • Make-up & hairstyling: This is at your discretion. Some clients like it, some are not bothered by it. (This is subject to an additional fee).

How long do we need?

Sessions are scheduled depending on the number of people you need photographed. I can photograph up to 50 people per day without compromising the quality of the results. As a recommendation, 15 – 20 minutes per person is a guide. However, the more time spent with each person, the better.

N.B. I would suggest allowing longer for senior executives and managers who represent the company as spokespeople. Here we can include a mixture of headshots, fuller length shots, candid “talking head” action shots and feature style portraits. Longer shoots also allow time for wardrobe changes.

If you have any questions about corporate team headshots, please CONTACT ME.

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