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Professional LinkedIn Headshots Are Important

Linkedin headshots in Kreuzberg by AS Headshots will help you make the right first impression. You will be able to grab the attention of employers, colleagues, recruiters and followers.

As of 2019, Linkedin has around 500 million users worldwide!

Whether you are an individual business owner, a large company or an entrepreneur, a high-quality headshot is essential. It makes for a professional and successful Linkedin profile page that stands out.

Your profile picture is a marketing tool. A low-quality image can put off prospective employers and recruiters. A professional LinkedIn Headshot can create a great first impression.

Why choose Linkedin Headshots Kreuzberg?

I’m a skilled and experienced portrait photographer who has diverse experience in corporate photography. The objective is to provide you with an impressive and professional Linkedin headshot. 

Here are a few tips to get you thinking

  • Close-Up shots: Your profile shot should be from the shoulders up. Full-length and half-body shots waste too much space and leave your face a tiny part of your photo.
  • Being Natural: The message your profile photo sends should show who you are naturally expressing your personality.
  • Staying Current: Using 10-year old photographs is a statement of vanity. Your Linkedin headshots should be current. The message you send is one of confidence and comfortability with who you are.
  • Keep it simple: It’s better to appear warm and friendly, then viewers are more likely to be engaged with you. It is not Instagram, so don’t use a filter, emoji or crazy angle.
  • Dress for success: Thank about what your market wants from you and what you are trying to convey. Your outfit plays an important role in the message your Linkedin headshot sends.

How long is the photography session?

It is an inclusive session that takes two hours. Depending on how the session runs, it will decide where we do between more than two looks. Your session might be a good opportunity to have additional shots. If you book a longer session, it works out more cost-effective by the hour. You can add additional shots as promotional material that you are planning for your business.

If your company requires headshots, portraits or group shots, take a look at my Corporate Sessions page.

If you’re interested in a more in-depth personal branding photoshoot including full-length, half-length and change of outfits plus action shots, please check my Individual Session page.

Pricing and booking

2 Hour Linkedin Headshot Session – 200 euros

  • Up to four looks using lighting setups and backdrops.
  • Studio and outdoor locations near the studio.
  • No limit on the number of photos taken.
  • Four retouched final images included retouched and cropped for Linkedin.
  • Extra retouched images 20.00 euros each.
  • Coaching and direction throughout.
  • Private web gallery/contact sheets of your images within 24 hours.
  • Advice offered on choosing the right images.

If you would like to have a chat about having LinkedIn headshots email me at

There is more to your Linkedin Headshot than a quick snap!

LinkedIn Headshots Kreuzberg

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