Information about your headshot

There is a great deal to consider when you are getting your headshots or publicity shots done. Here is the information about your headshot you need to know. I have worked with companies such as DNR and Crawfords Talent in Berlin.

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Daylight or Studio Light – Inside or Outside?
I don’t have a preference the object is to get the best shots possible for you. If you have a preference I will oblige. However, you can always depend on a lighting kit (be it LED, tungsten or flash), but not always on the weather. I’m happy to shoot in any way you prefer – The object is always to help and make you feel as relaxed as is possible.

Film or Digital?
These days everyone shoots digitally, people like to think that if they have it on film it will some how look… FILMIC! Nope it will just cost you more and take longer to process. Whatever is said for or against digital or film is purely inconsequential when all you want is the best photograph you can get for your money. If your pictures are shot or lit badly on film or digital the result is exactly the same. I changed from film to digital many years ago, because of improved technology and the economics of shooting. The upshot being that I can take more pictures and my client can see the results instantaneously. But, if actor’s headshots came out best when shot with a carrot, I’d be the first to use carrots!

What should I wear?

Simplicity is key. The focus in your headshot should be squarely on you, not your clothes. Busy patterns and large, distracting jewellery is a no-go. Sold tones are the best: red, blue, green, yellow. Pick colours that bring out your eyes and complement your skin tone. Stay away from white (which can wash you out) and black (which can give the illusion of absorbing light from the rest of the photo).

If you play more buttoned-up characters, you may want to wear a jacket. If you play more free-spirited or open-book characters, feel free to show a bit more skin (though not too much – be careful of wearing clothing that is too revealing – it can take away the focus from your face).

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CLICK HERE – To download a few helpful tips to help you get ready for your shoot.